Our Village Values

Our Village Our Values - Respect - Leadership - Citizenship - Kindness


A way of being that shows you care about others’ feelings and well-being.

Look Fors:

-good manners


-follows rules

-speaks politely to others

-encourage others opinions and positions

-does what he/she knows is right

-thinking and acting in a positive way towards others and self

-care about others and their well-being


Someone who can inspire or motivate others to meet a goal. Usually, someone whom the others in the group will listen to and will follow.

Look Fors:

-good decision making abilities

-encourages others


-willingness to go “above and beyond” (think outside the box)

-takes risks

-sets a good example





A productive, responsible, caring, and contributing member of a community.

Look Fors:




-active in the community (e.g., volunteer programs, etc)







A kind act, tendency to be kind and forgiving. Also the quality of being warm-hearted, considerate, humane and sympathetic.

Look Fors:




-slow to anger